On the Record

October 5, 2021

The newest edition of the University of Texas at Austin Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS) is live!

In This Issue

The Fine Print

The first amendment of the eighth recertification of the UTRRS, published as UTRRS 8.1, is adopted as university policy effective September 17, 2021. All previous versions of the UTRRS are obsolete, and all departments must follow the minimum retention periods in UTRRS 8.1. The new and revised retention periods apply to all records, whether they were created before or after September 17, 2021.

New for UTRRS 8.1

UTRRS 8.1 brings improved series to support your recordkeeping practices and align with the university's business processes. It offers:

  • New or updated series based on guidance from university subject-matter experts
  • New or updated records descriptions to help users determine the correct series to use
  • New or updated remarks and cross-references, updated information for archival reviews or transfers, and updated cautions for ensuring that records are retained correctly

By the Numbers

UTRRS 8.1 has 115 series updated in UTRRS 8.1.

  • 5 new series
  • 1 series moved to AALL-prefix for all departments to use
  • 3 deleted series
  • 5 series with retention changes
  • 3 series with updates to which records are included

Updated RM Tools

With the publication of the UTRRS 8.1, we also published:

  • an updated Request to Dispose of Records workbook and form
  • an updated Records Inventory workbook and template
  • a new UTRRS 8.1 Guidebook to the fields and components of the UTRRS

The UTRRS 8.1 and updated tools are now being used in records management training. 

Request to Dispose of Records Infographic  

The new process was launched July 2021 and continues to make it easier than ever to submit your requests to dispose of records.

Also, RIMS has a new Request to Dispose of Records Infographic showing the steps for the new process in a simple visual style. You can download the infographic for yourself and/or share it with the rest of your department.

Updated Consultation Request Form

Requesting a consultation has never been easier! RIMS has a new and improved request for consultations. Simply fill out the form provided through the link on the main Records website to set up a consultation. The new process makes consultation requests easier to track and information easier to provide to the requester.

BOX Metadata

RIMS has created a new Box metadata template, and worked with the UT Box administrators to make this new template available. Below are some helpful links to guidance on using the metadata template. Remember to obtain authorization to dispose of records before deleting electronic master records!

Homepage: How do I use the Box UTRRS Records Retention metadata template?

Case Study: https://records.utexas.edu/ut-box-metadata-template-case-study

Understanding Disposition Dates: https://records.utexas.edu/understanding-disposition-dates

In Other News

Records Management Training

Records and Information Management Services (RIMS) has scheduled sessions in UT Learn for records management training. We offer two Zoom courses:

1) IG 101: Records and Information Management for Department Record Managers, a 2-hour class with hands-on experience, which is required for DRMCs but open to all who have records management responsibilities

2) IG 103: Records and Information Management: What Everyone Needs to Know about University Records, a 1-hour class recommended for everyone else at the university.

Visit our website to learn more about the learn more about the records and information management training courses, or visit UT Learn to find and register for one of the available sessions.

Working Remotely

Flexible work arrangements are here to stay. More of us will be working remotely at least some of the time, and we will all be using more paperless processes. No matter where we are, when we work, or how rarely we use paper, we will continue to create official records in both paper and electronic formats that must be managed appropriately and in compliance with university policy. University Records Guidance While Working Remotely provides useful information for managing university records; it is linked as a new quick guide from our home page.

Still to Come

Through the spring and summer, RIMS continues to work on new resources and support documentation, including:

New or Updated RM Tools, Guides, & Much Much More

  • An updated Records Management Plan with a new downloadable template
  • New records management guides for categories of records series, e.g., Student Records, Faculty Records, Financial Records, etc.
  • Dedicated training and resources for specific roles at the university created collaboratively with different organizations, e.g., Career Advisors, Graduate Student Coordinators, etc.
  • Updated IG101 and IG103 trainings