UTRRS Resources

The University of Texas at Austin Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS) Resources

The University of Texas at Austin Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS) provides detailed guidance on the retention requirements for records created, received, used, and stored by or on behalf of the university.

Access the authoritative version of the UTRRS:


The UTRRS was developed and is routinely updated in response to requirements from: 1) federal and state laws for the minimum retention required for records, including state retention schedules on which the university’s schedule must be based; 2) other entities that regulate or oversee university activities; and 3) university subject matter experts for business and operational use of university records.

The UTRRS is certified by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and adopted as official university policy to:

  • List minimum retention and preservation requirements for all records created in the course of university business.
  • Form a basis to authorize the destruction of university records in accordance with procedures developed to comply with state and federal regulations.
  • The UTRRS is recertified on a cycle set by TSLAC with the assistance of university business owners and subject matter experts.

The authoritative copy of the UTRRS (PDF) is available on TSLAC’s website. Any discrepancies with local copies will be resolved in favor of the authoritative copy.

For information and instructions for using the UTRRS, download a copy of the UTRRS 8.1 Guidebook (PDF).