Imaging: Document Preparation

Minimum Requirements

  • Each PDF must have a PRT screen cover page with a valid DOC ID. Vouchers that have been deleted from *DEFINE or rerouted are rejected by the software and cannot be released to the IRS.

Only one document per PDF

  • If the voucher has supporting documentation that includes other vouchers, refer to the attached guide for redacting supporting vouchers.

Note: If a voucher intended as support is not properly redacted, the imaging software will automatically separate the support voucher into a separate document. This is not always readily detectable and will not result in a rejection notification. Failure to properly redact support documentation will cause delay and difficulty in error tracing.

Scan Quality 

  • Support documentation that is printed on dark/colored paper, photographs, and newspaper items are rejected by the imaging auto-correction software. These types of support items must be preprinted on the copier to produce a lighter image and reduce flecks and visual "noise". The "cleaner" copy can then be added to the other support documents to be scanned to PDF format.