What is a Record?

In the course of our work at The University of Texas at Austin we are making history. What starts here changes the world. It is essential to carefully manage the information that is captured in the course of our work.

Legal definition of a state record:

Any written, photographic, machine-readable, or other recorded information created or received by or on behalf of a state agency or an elected state official that documents activities in the conduct of state business or use of public resources. This includes recorded information created, stored, or managed within the university or by contract in third-party systems or services.

Source: Preservation and Management of State Records and Other Historical Resources Government Code, Chapter 441, Subchapter L

Official university business

University business includes all University activities and operations, and interactions between the University and its internal and external constituents.

Is it a Record?

Designed similarly to a decision tree, this PDF resource asks questions about how a file, document, email, or item was created or is used. Your answers will help you determine if you have a university record or not.