Storing Records

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Think through the lifecycle of your records. When you box up your folders ensure you label your box including the fields that will assist you in retrieving or disposing of your records.  

Consider format: Does this need to be retained in paper format or would an electronic copy of the master record serve the same purpose or could that record be historically significant?


Download a Box Label Here: 

Proper labeling of boxes allows units to locate hardcopy records and make efficient determinations about disposition eligibility. A box label for paper records is analogous to metadata for electronic records. Metadata is essentially a label for electronic files and folders.

In addition to the label on the box, a spreadsheet of box numbers using the fields on the box label serves as a finding aid.

Instructions for the Document Storage Box Labels

  1. Box Number: Keep this sequential and meaningful to your department if possible. 

  2. Contact Information: include your phone number and email address 

  3. Section Responsible for Records: Enter the title of the section to be contacted about the records

  4. Description of Records: Enter the commonly used title of records here

The next set of fields use information found in the UT Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS); contact Records Management Services for assistance with the UTRRS if needed.

  1. UT Code Number: Enter the UT # from the UTRRS that corresponds to the documents

  2. UT Record Title: Enter the Record Title from the UTRRS that corresponds to the documents, exactly as it appears in the UTRRS

  3. Date Range of Records: Enter the dates of the records from the oldest to the most recent

  4. Retention Period : Enter the Retention Period from the UTRRS that corresponds to the documents, exactly as it appears in the UTRRS

  5. Destruction Date for Records: Calculate the date that the records should be destroyed using the date of the records and the retention period in the UTRRS*