Historically Significant Records

If you feel that a record tells the story of the University of Texas in a unique way it is best to consult with Records and Information Management Services

Image of the interior of the B. Iden Payne Theatre

One way to check if a record series is of particular interest to the achivist, is to review the UT Records Retention Schedule. If the Archival Field has an O or I, the archivist has marked those series as significant. In those cases, during the Request to Dispose process, the Records Management Officer will liaise with the archivist in order to ensure the records are reviewed or transferred accordingly. 


There may be times when a record series is not labelled with an O or I but is historically significant. For example, Departmental Employee Folders would not generally be historically significant but in some unique cases, they may contribute to the overall story of the University of Texas at Austin.  B. Iden Payne's Departmental Employee Folder, which was a treasure trove of memorabilia: pictures, handwritten notes and newspaper clippings, became part of the UT College of Fine Arts Records at the Briscoe Center for American History.