Submitting VP7 Vouchers

As of September 1, 2018, all VP7 vouchers for Procard charges must be submitted for imaging.

Past years' VP7 vouchers may be submitted as paper documents or electronic files, but you must contact IDS prior to submitting. Email to arrange this service.

Submitting VP7 Vouchers

Imaging Documentation Services (IDS) accepts current VP7 vouchers as PDFs uploaded to a UTBox folder. If you do not have the capacity to submit electronically, please email to discuss.

Create and Upload PDFs

Create one PDF file from your *DEFINE VP7 voucher and supporting documents, e.g., receipts, authorizing emails, and other documentation, and upload for imaging.

  1. Prepare your document
    1. Each PDF must have one cover sheet that is the PRT SCR of the *DEFINE transmittal form
    2. Scan your documents and ensure that the scanned images are
      • Not blurry or out of focus
      • Legible
      • Not too dark (no dark backgrounds or borders that can be cropped)
      • Not too light
    3. Create one PDF file
      • Select your cover sheet and all supporting documents and save or print as one PDF
      • Save the PDF with the file name of [DOCID].pdf, e.g., 20VP2100320.pdf. Do not, for example, name the file 20VP2100320-TERRY-SMITH.pdf
      • IDS considers each PDF to be its own document; do not save multiple VP7s into one file
  2. Upload your prepared PDF via Upload VP7 Vouchers

Local Copy Retention

The department is required to retain a copy of each VP7 until they review the imaged documentation in the Image Retrieval System (IRS) to ensure it is complete and accurate. If the imaged documentation is incomplete, has other errors, or does not become available within seven days of uploading the document, contact

Once the review is completed, the image in the IRS is the master record and can be produced if requested by internal or external auditors. The department may choose to retain a local, convenience copy but is not required to do so.